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Rev. Dr. Janet Moore, Head of Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, Gainesville, FL

Our spiritual enlightenment center in Gainesville, FL, is headed by Rev. Dr. Janet Claire Moore, the Senior Minister. She and her late husband, Rev. Dr. Robert Estling, founded the spiritual enlightenment center in 1998 to provide an alternative to those who are spiritually searching. Their goal was to create a place where people from all walks of life could freely express themselves. Ultimately, we wanted people to feel comfortable sharing their different beliefs and discussing a range of topics not often discussed in a traditional church setting. Their desire was to have people feel welcome.

Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Moore, The Seraphim Center continues to provide a warm and friendly environment for people to come together and grow spiritually. From the many classes we offer to the psychic faires we offer four times per year, at equinox and solstice times, we offer the ideal place for individuals to express themselves, learn from one another, and achieve spiritual enlightenment. 

Volunteer or Donate

We encourage volunteers to help us with our psychic faires and assist with our other events. If you would like to make a charitable contribution, we accept cash and check donations. These donations will go towards the funding of our events, assist with our charitable donations, help to operate our our spiritual center. Contact us for more information.

Space for AA and Al-Anon

The Seraphim Center welcomes AA and Al-Anon to share our space when conducting their meetings. Contact us to learn more.